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cock stomping ballbust
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cock stomp cbtrample
foot goddess

Slippers Cock Trample

ballbust cbtrample

 Slipper Cock Destruction

Apparently my slippers are just as wicked as any of the other shoes I own for doing damage to my slaves cock.

Just because they look soft and comfortable, doesn't mean I can't make them into a weapon for his cocks destruction! LOL 

You can purchase this clip on the "Cock Trample Videos Here" link, on top of the main page.

Brutal Barefoot Cock Trampling


Brutal Cock Trampling


 I put my man's cock and balls to the test in this clip. Testing out my new cock box was so much fun! So much fun in fact, that I whipped out my vibrator and made myself cum to the sound of him in agony as I rocked back and forth on his tender balls. Hearing him gasp with each and every motion, and the visual of his balls tightening under my step made me cum hard. I love using him for my pleasure.  I have always loved trampling his cock and balls, it gives me such a thrill to watch him squirm under my gorgeous barefoot soles and toes, he'd do anything to prove himself to me. Believe me, I put his loyalty to the test and push his limits far. It makes me hot as hell knowing that he'd sacrifice his balls, to prove himself to his Mistress.
Listening to him moan and groan with pain, as I step down on his balls, harder, and harder brings me to an orgasm every time.

Extreme Barefoot CBT

Any Harder?

CBT Trample Ballbust

A cock stomping like he has never had before. I stomp his cock so hard this day, that I actually heard the cock box crack.
I am truly surprised just how much his cock can take before he blows his load. 

Chrome Heels CBT

New Chrome Heels CBT

CBT Cock Stomp

Ohhhh ! A new pair of shoes !!! And chrome heels at that ! You know what that means ……. Cock stomping time ! These shiny beauties make my feet look FANTASTIC AND BOY CAN THEY RIP IT UP !…….. I LOVE NEW SHOES BECAUSE THE TREAD ON THEM IS NICE AND SHARP YET ! …. ….
I walk all over that worthless piece of man meat and grind away little bits of it to become part of my soles ….LOL I decided there wasn’t enough wincing going on so I gave that cock a couple nice hard stomps to let it know who was boss …. WHOOPS!
Silly me , I was starting to peel the skin away from that cock because of the sharp treads , and I didn’t even really notice ! Damn I missed it ! I really have to start watching so I can enjoy it even more when I start ripping it apart like that ! LOL 

high heel cock trample cbt

High Heel Stiletto Cock stomping

A cock has its place

cbt trample ballbust

Yes, it's true....I firmly believe a man's cock has it's place in this world. You know where it's place is? Under my stilettos of course!
I love to remind my slave bitch boy of his cock's place. I own that cock, i can do whatever i wish to it, without question. I can anything to that cock of his because he gave up that right long ago, when he committed his life to me, as my bitch.
I slip on my high heels and begin the session with poking and prodding his cock head with the tip of my heels. Of course it isn't enough for me and eventually I get into a frenzy of stomping and jabbing. Constantly reminding him of how much his cock belongs to me. 

Cock Trample in Tennies

Cock Trample In Tennies

cbtrample ballbust barefoot

A little bit of cock trampling with my running shoes on ! I grind his cock away and watch it get smashed into the tread of my joggers ! I swear you can see the lovely tread marks across the head of his dick ......LOL, I worked it up a bit then decided to take my shoes off and mash it around with my sweaty bare feet , grinding that worthless shaft until he came and dumped his useless seed at my pretty feet! 

ballbust barefoot cbtrample

Ball Crusher

Ball Crusher

cock stomp cbtrample

When it comes to stomping cock and balls, no one does it better than I. I started out just stomping my slaves cock, but decided to push his balls up through the cock box hole, and stomp on those too.

cbtrample ballbust
ballbust cbtrample

It was pretty apparent that it hurt like hell, with his face wincing in pain, but I enjoy it sooo much! I so wanted to step down and pop one of his balls, just to see what it would be like. 

cock stomp  barefoot ballbust
ballbust under bare feet

But being the demented little pervert that he is, it turns him on to watch me get excited stomping his balls, and he blows his load all over my pretty little toes.  

Flesh Toy CBT

Flesh Toy CBT 
barefoot ball trample
barefoot cbtrample

Oh how I love playing with my flesh toy! I love to feel it barefoot, I love to squash it barefoot, just like a bug.
It feels super squishy and soft under my soles, like a jelly toy.

standing on my balls
barefoot ballbust crush

I could Stomp and grind away on it for hours and not worry about ripping it in 2....or maybe I could? 

foot fetish ballbust cbtrample
cock crush under heavy girl
I do try to damage it beneath my bare feet, I continue to jump repeatedly on it. Grinding into the cock box. Still it remains.....Maybe I'll have to jump harder?


Pedal Pump the cum out !

This time during pedal pumping, I use my pretty heels to start off with.

I pull his balls thru and jam my heel into his sac while pumping away at that cock on the pedal. My sole intention is to get that cock worked into a frenzy while pumping it.

With each pump I can see it grow, I then get excited, so I slip off my shoes to finish him off with my bare-feet, because i just love the feeling of a hard cock beneath my feet.

I really start to pump hard and fast to get it to blow it's load, and wouldn't ya know...it worked! He blows his load all over the bottoms of my feet .
cbtrample pedal pumping
Pedal Pumping Cock Trample !

Foot Fetish Slow Tease

Talking Foot Fetish
I always get requests for Foot Fetish clips, and sometimes even complaints that I never show enough of my delectable feet! Well here it is Foot wankers and foot sluts!

Wild Footjob

Cum dripping Footjob
cum coverd footjob

Isn’t it funny how times have changed ? There used to be a time when women were the meek partner in the relationship……waiting at home quietly for their partner to arrive home from work, having supper made and waiting for him……..keeping themselves prim and proper ……..and making sure all the housework was done. For What ????……..So he could come home and plant his LAZY ASS on a chair in front of the TV ?…. And complain if the food you cooked wasn’t up to par for his delicate taste ?????……..Not for me !!!!!…… Boy am I glad I didn’t live in THAT era !!!

…. I like my men moldable…… to the bottom of my perfect arches !!! LOL…. IF I decide to do the dishes by hand I had better have a nice MAN MATT laying at my feet !!!! That’s what men are for in this day and age , to do with as I please, for my amusement…. To give their ALL to me…. LOL

….. If I decide to use their face as my step stool……it had better be there for me with A SMILE ON IT !!!!!……..If I decide I need lotion for my feet ……..The PUMP HAD BETTER BE PRIMED !!!…. Don’t get me wrong, I guess they are good for something, plus they amuse me so much what they are willing to endure for me …….After all, who needs a dog or a cat , when you have a man as a pet ! LOL

Like any pet though , they need to be disciplined sometime so they know their boundaries……and at other times they need to be rewarded………This particular time was a reward…..He was a fairly good pet….

I decided he was to lay at my pretty feet as I had my heels on …..poor little guy, laying there not knowing what was going to happen with his …..Tail between his legs !!!!!…LOL
I started to coax that tail with my pointy heels and bob my foot up and down in his “special “ area …..I knew he was starting to get a bit aroused , because I could hear his soft whimpers ! LOL…… I decided to remove my delectable heels and proceeded to stroke my soft soles all over that cute little tail of his ,turning him into a big boy ! LOL…

…..I continued to rub his “tail” all over with my silky feet until he became nice and aroused …… .Then I hopped up backwards onto my bed and stroked his shaft with both my soles facing him so he may admire the only thing he is here for …The SOLES OF MY FEET !

I eventually turned around again and squeezed His tender areas between my toes and stroked it around with both feet until the poor pup couldn’t take it any longer, and had his release ! LUCKY FOR HIM …. HE DIDN’T MESS ON THE FLOOR !!!! …..I made sure I caught most of it across my shiny red toenails .

Pedal Pumping Cock Trample

Pedal Pumping his balls
..I make my slave take his balls out so that I can squish and stomp them while I am relaxing ,just as a Goddess should ! LOL ….I just love watching his balls retreat into his stomach.! I tease that cock with my toes a bit , just to get him worked up before I release my anger onto those balls ! LOL ..They try to hide on me ,but I wont let them give up that easy !!!! I want to flatten them out ,so they cant roll away anymore !….I squeeze at them with my powerful toes! I wonder if I squeeze them hard enough will the cum just squirt out by itself ??????? ..You get a bird's eye view of my POWERFUL toes crushing his tiny little balls.….Watch as his balls get bounced around by my constant crushing.I like to kneed them around like two little balls of dough ! …..At one point I squashed them ,and they wanted to climb back up inside of him and hide….…Well ,I AINT GONNA LET THAT HAPPEN !!!!!……I Grabbed them little suckers with my toes and pulled them right back out again so I could finnish pulping them !! LOL

Barefoot and High-Heel Princesses that destroy manhood under their feet ! From Cock Trample to Pedal Pumping to Ballbusting your flatsac, your extreme foot fetish tube is here!

High Heel Cock Trample

Sometimes a cock is not even worth touching with my hands !!! As many of you know, I Have had a long time experiment running as to how much TRUAMA A COCK CAN HANDLE !!!!
Well, I push it a bit further as I lock it into my cockbox and decide to STOMP ON IT WITH MY HEELS !!!! LOL
I had to start off a little slowly( just to tenderize it a bit) But as I start to get all worked up , I UNLEASH SOME OF MY INNER DEMONS !!!!
I grind away at it under my heels ! Sometime I wonder how stupid a man can be to even accept my invite to my cock box !!!!! LOL oh well, if he gives, I WILL TAKE !!!!!!
As I am on top jabbing and poking with my lovely heels , It seems as though that cock is about to cum,
Stiletto Cock Trample

Hi-Top CBT

This clip is self explanatory. I love my hi-tops and I love Trampling Cock. So put the 2 together a voila! Instant satisfaction....for me of course. 

High Top Cock Trample

I love how the soles of my hi-tops flex and squash his cock into an unimaginable contortion. LOL

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